Our Products

Leinster Environmentals supply our customers with high quality plastic regrinds and raw materials for use in the plastics moulding industry.

Our regrinds are manufactured at our own  fully permitted facility using our own plastic recycling equipment.  By controlling the manufacturing process we can be certain of the quality we produce and that our customers receive.  We know that we are only as good as our last delivery , therefore we go to extreme lengths to ensure that the purity, cleanliness and overall quality of our regrinds is second to none.


As international shippers of recyclable plastic  since 2005, Leinster Environmentals have the experience to arrange shipment of our products directly to your factory, anywhere in the world.  Our regrinds are packed  into 1.75m big-bags with baffles and weather proof hoods, and placed on heat treated wooden pallets to allow for safe international shipment. We will always strive to save our customers money by maximising shipping weights and ensuring your goods are delivered to you quickly, efficiently and on-time. 

Customer Service

We understand that our customers operate busy manufacturing processes on a tight schedule.   We know that you need a materials supplier who will deliver what you need, when you need it.  Our goal is to solve problems rather than create them. By building strong, stable partnerships with our customers  over the longer term, and understanding their needs, we are able to ensure that we provide a consistent supply of high quality products.

Production Process

To produce high quality regrinds we need well trained staff, and flexible, precise equipment capable of removing contaminants.  Fortunately, at Leinster Environmentals we have both. Our staff are well trained in polymer identification, contaminant removal and machine operation.  They understand the importance of quality to our end customers and they know that the reputation of our company is dependent upon them  completing their tasks safely and accurately.

At Leinster Environmentals we operate 7 grinding lines, each dedicated to it’s own material.  By setting up our lines this way we prevent unwanted cross contamination while ensuring maximum flexibility. Our lines are fitted with a range of contaminant removal capabilities including:

Quality Control

At Leinster Environmentals we take extreme precautions to ensure that our regrinds are of the highest quality possible. Before granulation, all of our materials are hand sorted by our highly trained staff  to remove non-target material and help ensure the quality of our finished product. Samples are taken from big bags  at regular intervals and analysed in our laboratory by our qualified personnel.  Our testing protocols include MFI testing, Moisture Testing, Oven Testing, Size Classification and Optical Analysis all designed to detect any anomalies and to prevent sub standard materials from reaching our valued customers. 

Our team ensure high quality recycled raw materials from Leinster Environmentals are quality checked and prepared for transportation for manufacturing

We process plastic material into high quality regrind at our centre in Dundalk, Ireland
We ensure the processed materials - the regrind meets quality standards
We then move the processed regrind onto to be repurposed
We source plastic materials that have come to the end of their use from various sectors
We inspect the plastic material to evaluate its suitability for processing
We arrange transportation of the material to our processing centre in Dundalk, Ireland

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