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Located in the idyllic North County Louth countryside, on the foothills of the mythical Cooley Mountains, Leinster Environmentals’ facility has been sustainably developed on lands owned by the Loughran Family. 

Consisting of more than 180,000sq feet of covered warehousing and processing space, plus an additional 500,000sq ft of uncovered yard space, this dedicated plastic recycling facility is unmatched in Ireland in terms of scale. Over €4 million has been invested in this facility between 2016 and 2021, increasing the warehousing space, improving run-off interceptors, reducing the environmental impact of the facility itself and installing additional plant and equipment. However, a large facility, built without thought and planning, is not a sustainable development. 


At Leinster Environmentals, the aim is to grow a business which is sustainable and also improves the world in which we live, that is, a business which focuses on long term profitability and growth, not short-term gains and wins.

 It is therefore only correct that our facility should be equally sustainable. In order to reduce the impact, the facility has on the local landscape, the buildings have been designed and built to minimise their impact on their surroundings. In addition to this Leinster Environmentals carry out an annual native-tree planting programme, to help off set CO2 emissions, and provide habitats for wild birds, bats, insects and mammals. Leinster Environmentals have identified several additional measures they plan to take during the coming year which will enhance the wildlife habitats around the facility including the installation of additional bird and bat boxes, the construction of a bee habitat and a continuation of our tree planting. Leinster Environmentals also intends to carry out a survey of the various species of birds and mammals which call this facility and the land around it home.

Leinster Environmentals facility also includes a number of other features to help improve its sustainable footprint including 200,000 litre rainwater harvesting infrastructure which is used to help support our plastic washing facility and reduce our water usage. Dual flush toilets installed over the past year reduced water wastage by an additional 2,200 litres. Energy efficient lighting is used throughout the facility and there is an internal recycling centre so no office materials are wasted.  


Our facility accepts and handles a wide range of recyclable materials including wood, paper, cardboard and metals. However we are predominantly focused on the acceptance and recycling of waste plastics. In order to extract the maximum value from all plastics received for recycling and to allow us to recycle the broadest range of plastics possible into high quality end products, Leinster Environmentals proudly operates the following range of plant and equipment.

100ft sorting line complete with trommel and the capability or removing up to 16 different fractions

Vertical baler used to manually bale niche / engineering plastics (eg sheets) 


Twin ram baler, of bespoke design, so as bale large, bulky, difficult plastic materials (eg oil tanks) 

5 x plastic sorting & granulation lines, each one dedicated to the recycling of a particular technical / niche plastics (eg Polycarbonate/ Polystyrene / PETa /PETg / ABS) 

Plastic film washing, granulation & drying line, designed & constructed by the in-house engineering team, specifically used to recycle difficult / unusual materials to an extremely high standard ( eg horticulture film)

Hard plastic granulation, washing & drying line , designed & constructed by the in-house engineering team featuring a host of features designed improve the quality of finished product including enhanced washing systems and bespoke size classification & dust removal equipment 

 Blending silo, to produce homogenous 10t blends of high quality recycled plastic 

Self propelled 400hp, single shaft shredder used to reduce the size of bulky , low value material and allow further processing ( eg PVC window Frame, HDPE Tanks) 

Self propelled 40ft trommel, used to remove grit , and fines from shredded material prior to further processing & recycling 

14x forklifts featuring an array of material handling attachments (forks, rotating clamps, high-tip buckets) so as to allow the most efficient loading / unloading of trailers possible, taking into account the wide range of waste plastic materials with which we are supplied for recycling 

2 x telehandlers with interchangeable attachments to allow fast and efficient feeding of shredders and granulators 

Extensive loading / unloading facilities including 3 x weighbridges, 3 x container loading ramps.

This unrivalled range of equipment gives Leinster Environmentals the greatest possible flexibility to add as much value as possible to the extraordinarily wide range of waste plastic materials this facility handles on a daily basis. Much of the equipment was designed and fabricated on a bespoke basis, following extensive research & development, by the company’s in-house engineering team.


Leinster Environmentals also operates its’ own in-house laboratory in which extensive testing is carried out to ensure that our finished products are of the highest, and most consistent quality possible.   To carry out these tests a range of specialist equipment is used included MFI testers, density assessment , oven tests and other equipment.

The facility is ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 accredited and holds a Louth County Council issued Waste Facility Permit.

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