our core values

At Leinster Environmentals we operate our business along 6 Core Values. These values shape our behaviour, guide our decisions and help set the standards that we set out to achieve every single day.

Be Nice

We believe in treating all those with whom we interact as friends. Be Nice to each other and to those we deal with and the sentiment will be returned.

Pay & Get Paid

Prompt Payment of our suppliers invoices inspires trust and confidence in what we do. Likewise we go to great lengths to ensure we don’t create any barriers to getting paid from our valued customers.

Get It Done

We are a company of problem solvers. When a customer, supplier or colleague needs something done, we aim to always step up and do it promptly, efficiently & safely.

No Waste

We deal in resources, not waste. It is our responsibility to add value to these resources as efficiently as possible without wasting time, energy or materials.


We are a company that takes the long term view and aim to be recycling plastic long into the future. To do this we need to be economically & environmentally sustainable in everything we do.

What’s Next

We are always looking forward, looking for ways to improve our offering, our processes and our skillsets.