We Recycle


Do you produce waste packaging, production waste, or unwanted plastic products in  your business or factory? Do you want to maximise the value for waste plastic that your business generates?  Do you want a  safe and sustainable second life for these materials?   Leinster Environmentals can help you.

If you are a waste management company, distribution centre or manufacturer, we can provide you with the best solution for your waste plastic needs, saving you money, earning you revenue and  helping  you meet your CSR targets.

We provide our valued supply partners with a next day collection service from anywhere  across Ireland and the UK using  our trusted team of licenced hauliers.

Where it is useful to our supply partners, we supply  stand trailers, balers and training  all aimed at helping to keep your site neat, tidy, and efficient.

We work tirelessly with our supply partners to help improve the value they extract from their waste. By providing in-depth training, fair prices, market insights and a transparent process all the way to final user, we build long lasting, trusting relationships with our supply partners 

When quality issues arise, we work closely with our supply partners to resolve them swiftly and in a timely manner.  Our core value of “Pay & Get Paid” means that we settle and pay every open invoice within the agreed credit terms and to our suppliers satisfaction.   This policy has been instrumental in helping us grow our business and retain long term relationships with our supply partners, many of which go back more than 15 years.

Leinster Environmentals creates the link between the producers of waste plastic materials and the end users of recycled plastics by producing high quality recycled raw materials.

Quality Standards of material we accept for recycling

Wheelie Bins

Wheelie bins should be rinsed out with axles removed. Same coloured bins should be stacked together. Wheelie bins are accepted baled or in stacks


Production Waste

Post-Production Industrial Waste / Sprues are readily recycled by Leinster Environmentals. Trays, preforms, sprues and other materials can be processed into high quality regrinds, if properly segregated at source. These materials should be separated by plastic type and packed into large cardboard boxes or onto pallets for ease of transport. Keep different colours separate where possible.

Large Plastic Boxes

Dolav’s / Large Plastic Boxes should be rinsed out and stacked neatly for efficient transport. Foam filled /  insulated dolavs are not recyclable. 

Plastic crates

Vegetable and food Industry plastic crates should be baled or stacked securely on pallets. Nylon handles do not need to be taken off as our state of the art separation system can remove them.

Plastic Buckets

Buckets from the food manufacturing sector, used to hold sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup or other products can all be recycled by Leinster Environmentals. Buckets should be well rinsed out, stacked neatly on pallets and wrapped in cling film to allow safe transportation and handling.

Plastic Drums & Cans

Plastic drums and cans must be triple rinsed and must free from any residues. All caps / lids should be removed. Where possible, drums and cans should be baled.

Plastic Film Bales

Bales should be stored indoors, and should contain only plastic film with no wood, paper or cardboard

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)

Expanded polystyrene is only accepted if it has been compacted using a specialist Expanded Polystyrene Compaction Machine. Price depends on colour and cleanliness of the compacted material.

Plastic bottles

PET and HDPE plastic bottle. Mineral, milk, drink & detergent bottles are accepted


Our processing centre is based in Ireland at Haggardstown, Dundalk, Co. Louth. Ideally located midway between the major cities Dublin & Belfast, just off the M1 motorway.


We provide our valued supply partners with a next day collection service from anywhere across Ireland and the UK using our trusted team of licenced hauliers.


We have a fantastic team in our accounts department. Our core value of “Pay & Get Paid” means that we settle and pay every open invoice within the agreed credit terms and to our suppliers satisfaction.

What Our customers say

We have been working with Leinster Environmental for a number of years and they offer a great service. Starting from the knowledge about the plastic products we have and their expertise in finding markets for those materials, Leinster Environmentals provide competitive pricing which is backed up by a quick and reliable collection service. The after sales service is professional and they are always available for consultation when needed. We look forward to continuing our partnership in the next few years

Campbell Finnie | Facility Manager