The benefits of working with Leinster Environmentals

By relieving you of your scrap, post-industrial waste, and unwanted plastics in most forms, we provide a total recycling service. We help you keep your premises clean and tidy. We help Ireland’s environment by recycling, reprocessing and exporting 99% of what we accept.

We work closely with you to create cost-effective and innovative solutions, and we encourage you to benefit from our excellent technical knowledge. We are fully committed to delivering superior customer service and the highest level of customer satisfaction.


We offer our suppliers the following benefits:

  • We can have a trailer at your premises to suit your schedule
  • Next day collections of mixed loads
  • Reduced storage costs by approx €80/ load
  • Improved cash flow worth approx €20/ load
  • Fast receipt dockets
  • Repak certification
  • We pay you competitive prices
  • Prompt payment
  • Prompt resolution of queries
  • Reduced administrative costs (value: approx €130/ load), leading to total saving of €230/load (€20/tonne)
  • Less stress
  • Less hassle
  • We help you keep your premises clean and tidy

Materials that we are looking for:

  • Production waste plastics
  • Segregated hard plastics
  • Packaging waste plastics
  • Plastic film
  • Plastic bottles, drums and cans
  • Mixed hard plastics
  • WEE plastics
  • Paper and cardboard


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