Case Studies

Bord Na Mona

Bord Na Mona is the Irish semi-state body that manages and cultivates a large amount of hectates of the country’s peat bogs. As part of their cultivation programme, Bord Na Mona produces large quantities of highly contaminated polythene film every year. There is an inherent difficulty in removing the dirt from the plastic and then drying the material, coupled with the very low recovery rate - less than 60%. Bord Na Mona spent many years struggling to find a partner capable of successfully recycling this challenging material. Leinster Environmentals was asked by Bord Na Mona to develop a wash plant specifically designed to dry the polythene film. After significant investment and extensive R&D, we commissioned Ireland’s first successful plastic film washing plant designed and built to recycle heavily contaminated polythene film sourced from Irish bogs. Our high quality finished product is highly sought after by manufacturers of garbage bags and damp proof coursing, and is sold to discerning customers throughout Europe.

Proctor & Gamble

Proctor & Gamble’s Colgate toothbrush factory near Newbridge, Co. Kildare, generates a significant amount of waste toothbrushes. This waste stream presents a unique challenge to plastic recyclers due to the presence of no less than four distinct plastic polymers, as well as non-plastic contaminants. Leinster Environmentals developed a unique and complex recycling system capable of removing all contaminants and isolating the individual polymers in order to maximise their value. These recycled isolated fractions are used as high quality raw materials in the manufacture of plastic crates and boxes and other plastic products.

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