Our Heritage

From the day Leinster Environmentals opened its doors, we have never forgotten that we do not own this planet. Our duty is to mind it. Our duty is to behave responsibly as we seek to enhance the natural environment that surrounds us. One expression of our passion for the natural world is our long relationship with the land that we cultivate through our stewardship of Clermont Farm, where we are committed to preserving and enhancing the unique Irish habitat. The Loughran family bought Clermont Farm in 1921, and for almost a century we have worked tirelessly to strike a balance between preserving the natural identify of the property and harnessing its economically capability.

With the 6th generation now working on the farm, the Loughran Family continues the tradition of utilising environmentally conscious techniques that ensure sound ecological practices. Much of the farm consists of wildlife reservation areas, with designated areas cultivated to provide food and cover to wildlife and birds during the winter. Clermont Farm has embarked on a special programme to preserve ancient traditional Irish apple varieties, including a unique orchard that displays 12 of these special fruit trees. Another impressive feature of the farm is the hedgerows - unique habitats with enlarged margins that ensure that wildlife is not disturbed, and that provide food and cover to birds, insects and mammals. In 2010 we began a special hedgerow planting programme to increase the wildlife diversity on our farm and to increase the habitat area for flora and fauna.


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